Scope of Work

Home security Industry

Our multilingual team of IT professionals assists you in scaling new business models, reinventing key business processes, and creating exciting customer and partner experiences.

medical alert system industry

A Medical alert system can be monitored by a response specialist. The monitoring center is responsible for answering the call and dispatching emergency services if needed. Medical alert systems are monitored by a live agent 24/7, while others are unmonitored and call a pre-programmed number.

Healthcare industry

TTC supports you in achieving innovative, market-relevant health solutions and outcomes. In order to cut costs, improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and improve your revenue cycle, your organization will receive support from our expert team of certified personnel and predictive analytics technology in all areas of strategy, clinical integration, population health, care solutions, revenue cycle management, behavioral health integration, CMS mandates, technology implementation, and workflow stream lining.

Solar industry

TTC can help solar energy industry specialize in providing inbound customer service, inbound sales, dealer and agent support, appointment scheduling, digital sales and support, direct response sales, maintenance and repair, email support, SMS and live chat, social media support, back office, outbound sales and 24/7 call centers.

Real estate industry

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, it is important to have a team of professionals who can handle all your calls and provide you with the support you need and TTC optimizes customer experiences and sales across channels to improve customer satisfaction.

Banking industry

Call center agents can help banks in many ways. They can quickly resolve customer issues and complaints that involve money and confidential information They can also assist customers with a wide variety of common transactions like making deposits, withdrawing money, checking their balances, and paying their bills the best CX through seamless interactions.

Car warranty

Are you prepared to grow your auto warranty company? TTC can assist you in obtaining more leads. Although they are frequently confused, auto insurance and warranties are different. We at TTC are aware of the distinction and value of producing top-notch leads for auto warranty businesses.